WiredTree VPS Hosting Review – My Personal Experience

I started using WiredTree VPS Hosting way back in 2013. Moving up to a VPS from shared hosting was a big step for me as the cost was significantly higher. As I was looking for a more powerful host to track my affiliate marketing campaigns, I came across a few recommendations from fellow affiliate marketers. I took the plunge and purchased a VPS 1500 plan for $49 a month, and have been a happy customer ever since.

One of the benefits of being a WiredTree customer are the free Level Up upgrades. Every year, WiredTree upgrades their plans with more disk space, memory, and bandwidth for their existing customers. Three years later, I’m now on the VPS 2000 plan which gives me 2048MB RAM, 100GB disk space, and 6TB bandwidth. All for the same $49 a month.

WiredTree offers fully managed hosting in forms of VPS, Hybrid and Dedicated servers. Since my personal experience is limited to their VPS hosting, I will only cover that in this article.

About WiredTree

WiredTree emerged in June 2006 to change the game for hosting services. The goal was to provide our clients with a superior managed hosting environment through unmatched customer service, innovative network design, a unique suite of services, and the most advanced server hardware.

To realize this goal, we created a solid support structure to better respond to client issues. With years of experience in the industry, we knew what worked and what didn’t, and we used that knowledge to enhance and streamline the support experience.

The final result is the industry’s most reliable, advanced and secure complete managed hosting solutions.

From WiredTree Website

WiredTree VPS Hosting Plans

Wired tree offers two types of fully managed VPS hosting with three different plans for each type.

Pure SSD VPS Plans

Pure SSD VPS plans offer the best performance at a cost of lesser disk space. A Pure SSD VPS plan is best for sites with heavy traffic. These plans are also recommended for performance marketing, where a few milliseconds difference in loading speeds can make or break your campaigns.

SSD-Accelerated VPS Plans

SSD-Accelerated VPS plans are great for those who run multiple or large websites on their server and need more disk space. This is a good choice if you are looking for a balanced solution between performance and capacity.

This very website is currently running on the SSD-Accelerated VPS 2000 plan. I’m also hosting multiple other websites on this server. Even with this plan, the performance is WAY better than on a shared hosting.


On top of the basic packages, WiredTree offers additional configuration options for an additional fee. These include dedicated IP addresses, additional RAM, more bandwidth, and a variety of server software enhancements.

WiredTree Hosting Sign Up Process

The sign-up process for WiredTree VPS hosting is fairly quick and easy. After signing up for a VPS hosting plan, you will be contacted to verify your order. Once confirmed, your server will be up and running in no time and you will receive your server details and login information by email.

To avail WiredTree VPS hosting, follow this link.

WiredTree Customer Support Experience

While I am not a person who frequently needs to contact customer support, the few times I have been in touch with them have been an amazing experience. They are very responsive and usually respond to your requests within an hour.

Over the 3 years of my experience with WiredTree VPS hosting, there has been three emergency reboots on the node where my VPS is located. Each reboot lasted only for around 1-3 minutes. There has also been several server maintenances to address security vulnerabilities and hardware issues. These have taken my site offline from 30 minutes to an hour.


Out of all the VPS hosting providers I have tried (Beyond Hosting, Linode, etc.), WiredTree is definitely my favorite. If you are looking for a fully managed and reliable VPS host, you cannot go wrong with WiredTree!

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