How to Invite People to Like Your Facebook Page

There is a little known feature on Facebook that allows you to invite people who have liked a post on your page to actually like your page. The method is fairly easy and will get more likes to your Facebook page. The only requirement is that they have previously liked a post on your page.

When you invite them, they will receive a notification that you sent them an invitation to like their page. Clicking the notification sends them back to your page so they can hit the like button.

Invite to Like Your Facebook Page
An Invite to Like a Facebook Page

Inviting Post Likers to Like Your Page

As mentioned earlier, this method only works if the people have previously liked your post. If you are not getting enough likes, I recommend you to boost your post with the Facebook’s Boost feature or Facebook Ads to grow your audience.

Once you have some likes on your post, click the total number of likes on your post.

Total Post Likes on Facebook
Click on Total Post Likes on Your Facebook Post


By clicking that link, Facebook will open a window that shows a list of people who have liked that post. If a person who has liked your post has not liked your page yet, there will be an invite button beside their name. If you click that button it will invite them to like your page.

Invite People to Like Your Page
Click to Invite People to Like Your Page


This method works well with boosted posts and newsfeed post ads. Usually those posts will get a lot of likes, but the people who like the posts won’t actually like your page. Now, you can invite them to like your page straight from your post and get some extra engagement on your content as well.

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